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Thread: Kindly Check my Script pls. =(

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    How do you play a movie clip?

    is it:

    _root.Quickmask.gotoAndPlay ("Playmark");?
    _root[Quickmask].gotoAndPlay ("Playmark");?
    _root["Quickmask"].gotoAndPlay ("Playmark");?
    Quickmask.gotoAndPlay ("Playmark);?

    The situation is:

    A trigger/button on the main scene that calls a movie clip to be played. I keep on trying but I really can't make it work. Can someone help me plssss... or could someone send me .fla as my reference on how to play such movie .


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    Everything looks good on this one:

    _root.Quickmask.gotoAndPlay ("Playmark");

    I would say go back and check that there are no <spaces> after the instance name of your MC or in your frame label. It will screw everything up and its totally invisible!

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