I am creating a drop down menu using flash that will overlay some HTML content. However, the requirement for the site is that it has to work on all browsers (including Mac) and that the site can't b all programmed in Flash (the requirement is that it is primarily dHTML).

This means that, because Netscape and Mac IE does not recognise the WMODE=transparent embed command, I can't create the menu as a whole movie because I just get white space over the HTML.

Neither can I separate each submenu into separate movies and hide them within hidden dHTML layers that show and hide as necessary using Actionscript because Flash movies are shown as visible and Z-Layer 1 regardless.

I've tried the loadMovie command to load my separate menus, but they will only open in the area size of the previous movie.

To cut a long story short, I need to be able to load a new movie of different sizes within a dHTML layer elsewhere within my HTML page - is this possible?