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Thread: How to go back from a MC in scene 2 to play scene 1

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    i have this,

    1-main scene
    2-scond scene ( in this scene i have one MC and inside another MC with a go back button and a home button)

    i need to know how i can tell that button to go and play home.

    let look aT IT THIS WAY.

    in my scond scene i have a MC called "lines" inside "lines" i have another MC called "map" and inside "map" i have a button called "back" and one called "home"

    "back" must return to "lines" and play frame 13
    while "home" must return to the first scene and stop at frame 14.

    Have any idea?

    another thing.

    I have a button inside a MC that has to go to scene2, how can i target that button the right way tat will understand that it does not need to play "the main scene" but the second one?

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    For targeting frames on the main timeline, your best bet is to place a label on the appropriate frame, then target it by the label...

    For frames inside a movieclip, supply the path to the clip and the appropriate frame number...

    So, you back button would have the code:
    and your home button would be:
    Hope this helps,


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