Hi im a designer and find flash kit so useful when learning and borrowing the odd sound fx and graphic. This is more of a suggestion really

AS you know Freelance webdesigners SHOULD and usually DONT have contracts stating that the company agree to hand over the money when they are given the website.

Why dont you have downloadable agreements that someone could customize? is there legalities to that?

Does anyone have any contracts that they could send me or anything like that because i dont want to get messed around. The currents website im doing we have agreed the some of £1000 and i dont want to lose out on that sort of money. I want t down on paper

has anyone got any advice they could give me? im only 18 and only been designing 3 years (porbably ages right?)

Thanks so much


P.s. Has anyone got any stories about themselves getting messed around and how you did something about it? it would be interesting to hear?

also, if this should have been in a different forum i apologize

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