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    Does anyone know how to get a dynamic text box to resize automatically when the text assigned to its variable is to long to be displayed as i cant seem to figure out how to do it.....

    Maybe it has to be done manually, well using actionscript which seems a bit stupid if not impossible...

    Any help would be great..


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    cheers ericlin, i did actually see your thread just after i posted but it was 4am here so i gave up and went to bed... ill give it a try, i did look at the swf and that is the sort of thing that i need i am trying to load news into duplicated movie clips and then put each clip in order(verticle) in a scrolling box, but i can t use the height of the new mc (which has the text boxes in them) because they are not the right size, the text box wont resize vertically....


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    If we are not talking about strictly "resizing" the textbox, there are still a few good ways to show fitted textbox.

    In that thread, they talked about making a movie clip with frames of various lines-height. For example, frame1 is a textbox of one line height. Frames 2 is two lines height....etc.

    Now load your string in frame 10; if maxscroll is not 1, then load your text scroll to frame 11, then 12 until the maxscroll is 1; Then show it.

    I like that idea. Thus, we do not need to change the size of font by fixed html code. And it will be more beautiful. And, most important point is, you can still use html format with various tag.

    Please note that, my swf is played in 60 frames/sec. Otherwise, the result will be shown very very late.
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    we share the same thoughts... i was just doing that right now... and i had it working but then i changed something and now its not working, i am trying to fix it... i wasnt going through to see which frame would give maxscroll a value of 1 but i was just setting the frame according to maxscroll + 1 which as i said did work.... ill keep trying...


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    I did one today. It is kind of "Addiction".

    The fla file
    To make frames is very exausting. I made only 25, that is maximal 25 lines height;

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