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Thread: A question about buttons

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    I am new to flash 4. I know the basics to it. I tried to make a birthday card for my friend using flash. In the begining, it had a birthday cake with candles on the top. Each candle was lit. I wanted the person to be able to click the candles and have them dissapear. I made the flames into buttons but I am not sure how I would go about doing that. I figured you would have to do something with action scripting, but im not sure. If you have any advise or a link that i could see a tutorial, I would appreciate some help. Thanks!

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    Hi there Michael,
    What i suggest you do is create a button for each flame.
    In the button you need to place this script:

    on (release) {
    gotoAndPlay (5);
    play ();

    On Layer 1, Frame 1 you need to make a Keyframe. On this frame have the candle and flame. You also need to put a Stop action on this Frame. Next goto Frame 5(or anywhere except frame 1) and create another Keyframe. In this frame copy your candle and flame but this time remove the flame. Again, put a Stop action in this frame.

    And that's it. Repeat the process to make more candles and flames.
    If you need further help email me,

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