ok, i have a web site gig i did about a years ago, since then my skills have grown tremendously and i want to re-design a mind blowing site to impress potential clients...the problem is, eveytime i come up with a design concept, i end up trashing it because it looks so empty...the site has 5 sections with just one or two paragraphs each worth of content...i can't add new content because its not my site...any ideas on how to stretch the site? interface concepts? you can veiw the old site here http://www.smaash.com to see how little info is avalaibe for the site, i want to kinda fill up the site, but at the same time i don't want to make it obvoius that i'm doing so because of lack of content

ANY tips would help, i know the old design SUCKS so feel free to say so, i take crticism lovely