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Thread: SWF Studio overhead

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    I have built an EXE using the trial of SWF Studio, and while I finally figured out the RUN command (please more tutorials!), it seems that the program I am launching from the Projecor (a SETUP.EXE located in another folder, not compiled) seems to take longer to launch then using the EXEC FSCommand.

    Is there any additional overhead created when using SWF Studio?

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    The only time the RUN command should incur any type of overhead is when it tries to resolve a refence to an application name, at it will be quite minimal.

    For instance, when you say fscommand("RUN", "MyApp") SWF Studio scans the list of applications in the Layout to find "MyApp" but that happens VERY quickly and then CreateProcess is called to launch the application.

    If you construct the path to the EXE yourself using the ORG command or the %ORG% substitution string it just launches the application by calling CreateProcess with your EXE and command line.

    What kinds of delays are you talking about here? Can you post an example somewhere that I can download and try? If I can reproduce your problem then I can start fixing it.

    You can also contact me directyl at support@northcode.com even if you just need help with the trial version.

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