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Thread: TrueType Font File...

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    I just unzipped a TrueType Font file.

    How do I install it into Flash 5?

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    If your using Win,
    Go with the surf

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    ??? what do you mean??

    Wwhere do i install a TrueType Font file?
    shich sub folder in my macro Flash 5 folder?
    cant find where.

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    I may be misunderstanding the question...but wouldn't you install it where you install ALL of your fonts?

    And this really isn't an actionscript question...you may have more luck in a different forum.

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    there's no "flash font" !

    To use a font, or flash, or word, or photoshop, or quark express, or freehand, or premiere, or powerpoint, or photoshop (had that one already), or excel, or access, or ... you get the point

    ... you have to install it to your system.
    You unzipped the font file to "c:\temp" for example.
    Windows: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Fonts.
    There's a "file" menu, there you find something like "install new font". Click on that, then browse to the c:\temp directory, and the installer should find the font files within that directory.

    Select them, then click on Ok or something like that, and that's it.

    NOW you can start Flash and use your brand-spankin'-new fonts.

    Macintosh Platform: No idea !

    Does Flash store the font in the swf or does it have to be installed on the user's system ?

    What does "go with the surf" mean ?

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