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Thread: The best way to use long soundfile.

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    Hi there. I'm currently working on a project with lessons or courses on the internett. These are flash combind with continously soundfiles up to 5 minutes. The sound should also sync to the movie and its "happening". Any advises how to make this work.

    Thank you for helping Rolf

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    Good luck!

    Flash .swf's run at different speeds on different machines, especially from PC to Macs. You're never going to get the sound to sync up perfectly with actions on screen, especially not if your sound file is 5 minutes long. You'll kill yourself trying.

    A better bet would be to do the piece in Director. It's better equipped to handle long sound files, and in Lingo you can also make sounds trigger actions, I think, which will probably help with other aspects of your project.


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