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Thread: outlining text help needed

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    how do you go about creating text with an outline? thanks in advance, glen.

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    text tool type your text highlight the text then press ctrl+b deselect the text make sure youve got none of it highlighted then select each letter if youve done it correctly you should notice that when you select a letter and press delete then it leaves the outline of the letter i recommend times roman font bolded size higher than 36 to get the text looking good

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    Or you just take a font that only displays an outline

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    using the text tool (the big letter A button) click in the drawing area and type what ever you want. deselect the type function and click on the text you typed so that it appears inside a blue box.

    then do ctrl-B or modify>>break apart. this turns your text into colour fills.

    now, click on the outline tool (this is the one below the pencil, it looks like a spilling ink bottle) and click on the letters. this will outline them in lines.

    you can modify the stroke, that is the thickness and style of the outlines as well (window>>panels>>stroke). note that lines are different to fills.


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