hi all,
i'm new to this list, and was hoping for a quick answer to a font + mask problem i have.

i want the textfield to display the font without any aliasing, and automatically scroll up. to get this effect, i use a mask layer. the first move is i enlarge the mask (to fill the whole text area), and then i move the text as more of the dialogue should be visible.

i have tried to make the text dynamic, but it seems i can't then have a mask layer to it. i have tried to convert the text to a graphic symbol, but to no avail. finally, i created outlines of the txt, and this works. because of further similar situations in the project, i really don't like this solution because the increase in size (this will show over modem). if anyone has any suggestion, i'd appreciate it the most!

i work in f5, but export as f4

anna lena olausson