Hey there, I need some serious help.

I am working a large flashed web page that is an internet presentation of a timeline for a lab at the University of Washington. For the format of the timeline, my superiors have asked for a wheel that can be scrolled, either by button or by drag (significantly harder), with clickable elements on the wheel. These elements would load their corrosponding pages into the main area via most likely a new scene.

Now, here is the kicker: I have some pretty good experience with Flash, and I have been working for some time on this before admitting I'm stuck.

There are far more elements than can fit on the little wheel. To solve this, I have been working on a "tank-tread" solution: The elements will scroll across in the background, around as if on a wheel, and then off in the opposite direction. They will be able to go both ways. I have decided to use buttons to control this with the option of going to a drag-control interface later.

I am having problems with writing an actionscript to control the elements lined up marching across the screen and around the wheel. There are lots of buttons, so I'm using a psuedo-array based on cat'ing strings together (dont know what I mean? see the Flash help).

Now the problem: Whenever I try marching through an array via a loop while statement and changeing the x positions of the elements, something funny happens. For some reason, every time I click on the button, everything on the screen is affected! In addition, it lines them all up vertically. Flash bug?

PLEASE help me! If someone could post some source code or a small project that does multiple things to small array of movie clips, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Martin
Project Staff
Center for Teaching and Learning Technology
University of Washington