I have been searching high and low for a well designed, smartly scripted mp3 player that would stream external .swf files and be easily configured, reconfigured to play (on demand) a fixed number of tracks...er...let's say six to begin with.

I would like to use Joshua Bolles' Flash Stream ( http://www.flashkit.com/movies/Sound...38/index.shtml ) as a starting point to create a very simple, compact player.

Also, I have reworked the user interface of Dennis Nestor's Simple Drop Down, I have also tweaked things a bit to make it slightly more intuitive- the revised version available for download here if you are interested (The player would be designed in the spirit of this dropdown, which could possibly serve as the track selection):

(Original by Dennis Nestor: http://www.flashkit.com/movies/Sound...8/index.shtml)

I have a ton of ideas for additional functionality, such as mp3 file upload ..also the possibility of integrating moock's or peopleforfun.com's chat client that would allow you to connect you with others listening to the same track...but that is down the road. It might ultimately be easier to build a flash front end for a php-jukebox of somekind...but hopefully this is your area of knowledge and you can make that call.

So if you are a seasoned actionscripter and it sounds like a project that would be interesting to you then please write david@goodcompany.dk or simply reply to this post.

This is not a commerical solicitation :-), The finished product could be a nice contribution to the .fla bank, and hell, a lot of fun to build--of course it would also aim to be the definitive flash5 mp3 player.