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Thread: load and unload movie (gate close and open)

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    Please visit http://www.2advanced.com

    I have tried to make similar flash movie. First i created 3 movie files, let said, gate.swf, movie1.swf and movie2.swf.

    gate.swf contained the movie clip which the gate will close and open again.

    Whenever i clicked some button in movie1.swf, it will run the loadmovie script which load gate.swf in the scene and begin to close the gate. Then i used unloadmovie script to unload the movie1.swf level 0, after that use loadmovie script to load movie2.swf level 0 into scene and the gate will open again.

    The problem is that, whenever movie1.swf is unloaded, the gate.swf also unloaded and i cannot see the gate open again.

    Can anyone tell me how to make the gate close and open like above meantioned website?

    Thank you

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    so... 2advanced. i'm sure that there are more to it than just loading and unloading .swf but...
    i think the movie structure should be that the gate.swf will be the _level0 movie. this movie loads and unloads external movies.
    you don't want to unload a movie which has another movie on it.
    i think that should solve your problems.
    by the way, amazing site they did - but so dman coplicated and navigation is horrible. usbility is not their main concern, and that's a shame.

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