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Thread: video in flash5

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    I have some videoclips in mpeg format and I want them into my flashmovie...
    How do I do that, and what format shall I use, programs to use, javascripts,

    PS. do you know about any free programs or trials to edit videoclips?

    all answers are apreciated:-)

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    If you're looking for simple cropping abilities and such, take a look a Quicktime Pro.

    To place .MOVs and .AVIs and such into a Flash movie, there are two really good products, Vid2Swf and Wildform Flix. I have Flix and it works great. Both will allow you to import the movies and alter compression on both sound and video - as well as add basic scripting. I takes the movie and makes it into a SWF that you can load into a blank MC on your stage.


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    You can get vid2swf trial version here:


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    You may want to look at SWFStudio by northcode.com.


    I have been pretty happy with it. A little costly but if you a local MMUG (MacroMedia User Group) member you can get a discount.

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    Maybe I'm wrong here, but I'm pretty sure Northcode's product is more of a projector/screensaver creator - not a video import tool. It will allow you to play Windows Media Files, but via an external player. From what I've heard - it's ana mazing product, but not the kind of product you are looking for to import video directly into Flash movies.


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    If you wanna import mpeg directly into Flash
    Check out the following

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