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Thread: Can someone explain the send/load for XML

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    Hey everyone...

    I am creating a site that uses XML for product info such as prices, description, name, and idNum,to form a shopping cart. So far (with a little help from vaykent the past couple of days) I have got it working really well. The next part to this is that the client wants to have an admin feature so that he can update the cart, I have this almost set up for the most part but does the XML.send actually write info to an external XML file (this would be awsome). If not what does it do? And where can I get more info on how to use XML more efficiently? Have fun!

    Thanks guys

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    If it was me - and I was manipulating a 'database'... I would want it to be in a secure location...

    What I'm getting around to saying is that I'd use a server-side script to manipulate the writing of the file. If your database was 'out-in-the-open' anybody could overwrite it.... and that == BAD!!!

    So... use the send method for the XML object and send your XML to the script - then have the script write it to a 'secure' location. Plus you could send the script other options like backup of the old file and whatnot...

    Hope that helps!!!

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    Thanks again man....

    sounds reasonable enough. Concerning security, I will be asking around more about this, if I have an order movie that is hosted on a secure server and I pull that movie into a main movie... does the order movie retain its security or not... just a question.

    As to your answer of my last question... Thanks. Makes perfect sense. Have phun!


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    Just because you have downloaded from a secure server does not mean that any data passed back to the server is secure. What you do need to do is make sure all the requests that you make back to the web server are through the secure server (https instead of http).

    Unless important data is being dynamically generated in the flash movie there is no need to send it via the secure server. In fact this will increase the load on web server to deliver the flash movie via https. Flash will happily send information to a secure server as long as the secure server is running on the same server or on a web server in a subdomain of your domain.



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