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Thread: Flash 5 dosn't work?!!?

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    Flash 5 dosnt work on my G3.
    When I drag an object from the library, it dosnt display in the scene. It is impossible to drag anything from the library onto the scene!
    I re-installed flash, and it worked for a day .. but then next day, it started again : drag and drop dosnt work

    please let me know if anyone knows what to do about this


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    Have you upgraded to Flash 5.0a?

    A large number of issues were fixed on the Mac Version 5.0a.



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    the flash 5 i have is the demo!

    I also have a flash 4 (full) that has the same bug, on another mac in the office ..
    is there an update for that maybe?

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    maybe the links in this thread help:


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    I have the same problem... The way I get around it is to draw a circle on the stage and convert it to a symbol, then on the intence panel replace the circle object with the object I wanted initialy.

    Let me know if this helps

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    From Macromedia, (this is what ME2222 was referring to)

    Some Macintosh users, running OS 9, cannot drag items from the Flash Library to the stage. In addition, dragging items in other programs - such as Netscape, Eudora, Photoshop and Illustrator - may also be affected.

    Note: This does not affect all users that run OS 9, but it does occur occasionally on machines with this configuration.


    Users have reported the following fix (close all programs before continuing):

    From the Finder, choose File>Find to open Sherlock.
    Choose Find>More Options.
    Look for Advanced Options, and choose "is invisible". Click OK.
    Search the Hard Disk for the file or folder named "Drag".
    Delete this file (using File>Move to Trash, or similar method).
    Restart the machine.

    If the "Drag" file or folder is not found, try the same search of "visible" files to locate it. It may not be a hidden file on all systems. Note that different versions of Sherlock or "Find" will be slightly different, however the general idea is the same.

    If these steps do not solve the problem, try the other steps below that have reportedly solved the problem for other users.

    The final step is a clean reinstall of Macintosh OS 9, or OS 8.6 for machines that support it. As the cause of this problem is not known, an easier way to solve it is not available. Currently, this is the only proven remedy.

    Some users have also reported temporary success by changing some system configurations.

    The following steps may also help users with this problem: If RAM Doubler is installed, disable this program. Restart the computer.

    Open the Memory control panel. Disable Virtual Memory. Restart the computer.
    Open the Speech control panel, and enable all of the Speech options.
    Open the Appearance control panel, and disable "Platinum Sounds" under the Sounds tab.
    Perform a clean reinstall of Macintosh OS 9, or OS 8.6 for machines that support it.

    In addition to the above suggestions, please consult General Macintosh Troubleshooting (TechNote 3500).

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