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Thread: Duplicate mc help...

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    I have a Flash movie that I use the mc.loadMovie method.

    I'm loading an image into a placeholder mc, but need to use that image multiple times in my main movie.

    I've tried using the mc.duplicateMovieClip method AFTER I executed the mc.loadMovie, but it doesn't work.

    Is there anyway to accomplish this without having to load the movie for each place/time I need to use it?


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    I would place the image in a MC of its own. Right click the MC in the library and select linkage. Export the MC with a given name. Then each time you need to duplicate the movie use the attachMovie function using the name you specified in the linkage section and a unique name for the new instance.

    Then when you're finished with it use removeMovieClip passing the name you gave to the new clip.

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    That would be a great way to do it, however, the .swf files I'm loading are dynamic in that they are created on the fly by our server using swfconvert.dll.

    The file name is then put in a database, and my Flash movie then dynamically loads the .swf files.

    Any other suggestions?

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    I'm afraid that one's beyond my experience...

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