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Thread: scrolling text-box blues...

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    I have created a scrolling textbox that works just "dandy".

    As long as you use the "up" or "down" buttons to scroll through the text, all is good. Everything behaves as it is supposed to both visually and functionally.
    However, as soon as you actually click on the scrollbar with your mouse to scroll manually through the contents (as opposed to using the "up" or "down" buttons), it jumps off-center! It does not jump by much really, only a hair's-breadth, but it is annoying as heck-fire (ooooo...naughty word!). Before that, it is relatively perfect! WTF?!

    I have checked and re-checked the code and believe it to be sound. I am not the sharpest crayon in the box, but all seems in order (I really don't tell it to update "_x", only "_y"!!)

    I have NOT adjusted the size of the scrollbar graphic outside of it's own properties (no "instance" changes while in my textboxMC, only to the actual scrollbar symbol) and besides...if that were the issue it would have the same behaviour when the up/down buttons were pressed.

    I'm stumped here. My limited brain mass is stretched tightly between my ears and I don't have a clue.

    Anyone that would care to rise to this challenge and give me a helping hand can see (and download) all they need at
    thanx in advance!

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    cracked it!
    For some reason 'origX' gets rounded off.
    Trace the value of origX in the 'load' event and also on the 'mousedown' event, you'll see it changes from 204.45 to 204.

    To sort this out you need to position the scrollbar exactly on a pixel using the info window

    I got the fla if you need it

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    Smile yaaaay!!!

    wow! what a fast response! you, sir, are a GOD! I would love to buy you a drink if you ever wind up in the middle of the Sonoran Desert someday.
    I would be interested in hearing the steps that you did in order to resolve so that I may duplicate and learn. It may also help me understand where i went wrong in the first place!
    My e-mail contact would be chromehenge@hotmail.com , and I thank you (most sincerely) in advance.

    Thanx again!

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    Rather, I would say first that I followed your advice and simply set its position to 205.0 relative to containerMC and this seemed to resolve nicely...however, I am a bit confused on what just happened. Could you illuminate me a little?

    thanx again!

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