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Thread: zooming

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    Ok i need some guidance please. I have a flash movie with 8 buttons and and an object ( lets call it a square) What i want to do is when the user clicks on a button i want the square to be zoomed in and stop so some content will be displayed. When the user clicks another button i need it to unzoom and rezoom to a different part of the square. What i cant get figure out is
    1. After the first button is clicked it will zoom in, BUT how do i tell it to unzoom then resume to another part? Since each button zooms in to a differnt part of the square the unzoom will just be reverse of the zoom tween. So there are 8 different zooms and unzooms.

    Im not sure if i made my problem cleared. Can anyone help?


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    use the XSCALE and YSCALE functions to zoom in and out..............

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