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Thread: conditional telltargets?

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    here's the problem...
    i have a MC telltageted within a Movie. it is activated by a button. within the same scene i have a series of other button that tell target to their appropriate movies.
    //so far so good...
    BUT, when i have one button activate a telltarget and then push another button, the previous telltargeted movie remains onn the screen. what i want is for and tell targeted movie to disappear when another telltageted MC is activated ...
    //what do i do?

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    I recently encountered the exact same problem. How i got around it was by putting each movie clip that gets targeted into its own frame on the main timeline, and not having any other movie clips in that frame. Know what i mean?

    For example, say you have 4 clips to be targeted. Place each movie clip into frames 1 through 4 on the main timeline. Make an actions layer above all of these with stop actions on each of the 4 frames. Have another layer which has your buttons, make sure this layer goes across frames 1-4. Then on whichever movie clip you want the button to play, have the action as:

    on (release) {
    gotoAndPlay (3); (or whatever frame your mc is on)

    Hope this makes sense. It's really quite easy to work around.

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