on (rollOver) {
loadMovie ("lightning.swf", "loadlight");
on (rollOut) {
unloadMovie ("loadlight");

thats my code for a button..when i roll out..i get a error message

Error opening URL "file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/jakester/Desktop/jakesproject/"

(and yes..the lightning movie loads.)

ok well let me explain..
i have buttons on the left side of the flash movie
and on the top and bottom are two 'rods' and at the ends of the rods i want to have the lightning animation LOAD when they mouse over a button and UNLOAD when/if they take their mouse off the button.
i will draw it---

----------O <--rod top..
button____\ <--lightning.swf file that i want to go away
----------O <-bottom rod..