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Thread: Text Input using buttons

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    Im trying to input text into a field using an onscreen keyboard ( series of buttons ) Whats the best way? Set up an array? it also needs to be revisable i.e. backspace and cursor edit capable. Im pretty new to this, so basic intructions are greatly appreciated

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    How about this:

    on (keyPress "K") {

    Then the Display text field will have the value K when the user hits the button that this code is associated with. You can have 26 or however many buttons to enter the whole alfabet in. Or you can just make 1 button and repeat it however manytimes and pass a unique variable in so it knows what letter to display. You can get fairly complicated with it. With a couple modifications you can make upper or lower case etc and have then all add in values so it's like an online keyboard.

    Hope that Helps.


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