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Thread: text boxes--->fonts--->huge file size

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    This is my problem...

    I have several files that are simmilar in structure and flow.... one of the has a scrolling text box and this movie is much bigger than the rest (27K compared to 5K). I (think) I've determined it's because the scrolling text box loads the entire font as opposed to only the parts I use.

    How would I get around this?

    Would it help if I used the loadVariables command and loaded an outside .txt file? If so, I know the text in the .txt file has to start a specific way... does anyone know how?

    text="...." ????


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    I'm not all that familiar with this, but whenever you embed a font - it increases the overall file size a ton. Try testing out the same movie but just use a really common font like ariel and make sure that none of the 'include font outlines' options are checked. I don't know if when you check any of the 'Include Font Outlines' options if it only includes the font outlines of the text that your using or not. And I'm not sure why a scrolling text box would load everything to just a part if that's the case. For whatever reason I sorta thought that it always included the entire Font outline, but i've also never played around with this that much.

    Unless, there's a specific reason I don't think it would make any difference if you loaded the text from a text file - Anyways you had it right it's just

    text=Whatever text you want here will be equal to the value text in the movie


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