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Thread: Converting Tweened Animation to Keyframe by Keyframe

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    Hi Anyone,

    I want a button to be clickable every frame as it moves constantly from left to right: Therefore no tweening allowed.
    Is the only way of doing this manually moving it a little bit each frame? Does anyone have an easier / quicker way of doing this?

    Many thanks!

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    Hmmmm.... I'm almost positve the tweening won't affect the button status - as long as the beginning and ending keyframes have the command...

    Yup, just made a quick FLA to test it. Works okie-dokie! Go ahead and tween that bad-boy!


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    I do agree with Agent02, but just for instruction's sake, this is how to do what you are asking...

    Create your tween from point A to point B. Next, go to the first frame to the right of your starting point and right click... choose "insert keyframe". Go to the next frame and do the same. Repeat this process until your entire tween in converted to keyframes.

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