Does this mean all sites using Flash were unsuccessful? Heck no! Y2K in review produced some designers and web agencies that have realized Flash is only part of a toolkit and not the only tool required to build a successful website. This wisdom has allowed for some of the most innovative uses of the web medium we have ever seen—truly trendsetting projects that break through the mediocrity.

The trendsetters behind these projects understand that Flash, DHTML, JavaScript, etc., are merely tools, and that solid ideas and concepts are what drive experiences. These pioneers of our industry are leading us in the belief that without an idea, there is no product. Similarly, if the idea isn't yours, then the product brings nothing new to the table, and you fall into the trap of a trend.
Brandon Oelling, Ryan Holsten and Michael Krisher

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A good example that illustrates how usab gurus can actually be also intelligent!