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Thread: Large Flash site contstructing; seeking advice

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    I'm looking for a bit of edification here. I'm trying to understand how companies with large websites still make proper use of Flash for most of their content. In both dynamic (database driven) and non-dynamic (static HTML) sites. I know that in general you wouldn't make one single big Flash movie. I understand that you would have many, many SWF's just as you would have many, many GIF's and JPEG's in a non-Flash site.

    But how does someone compose such a site? Do you lay it out just like you would an HTML site and have the links of your navigation call the content into a container movie? Ok, maybe what I'm really asking is how do you create a site like:



    It has both a Flash and a HTML version that gives you access to a large amount of products and content. How do you keep a site like that from becoming a maintenance nightmare? Is it just from excellent planning? Or is it a result of a dynamic site? Do I actually have a real question here? I don't know.

    I guess I'm asking for advice on how to create a Flash site that has a lot of pieces and content to work with. And is it possible to make such a site with a HTML counterpart and not have the upkeep become double duty? Does anybody have any idea what I'm getting at?

    I hope so,


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    Please consider this an answer from a user, not a professional designer.

    Why would you want to create a large site like tiffany.com?

    The first rule you're stuck with is that there are a whole lot of computers without flash, who can't or won't download it. Who is the audience? If you're trying to get to 17 year old males, like the US Air Force [ http://www.airforce.com/index2_frames.html ], a flash site is cool.

    The tiffany site adds a touch of elegance, and tiffany has the margins to cater to both its technically elite and everyone else.

    On the other hand, I saw no compelling reason for dynamic content. Is there a theory of fading text?

    In general, I greatly prefer a site where I the user, don't know Flash is there.

    Which probably doesn't answer your question at all.


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    Hey for one of those questions.

    Basically Flash and html are more similiar then not, when it's a dynamic driven site. You can easily set up two versions that pull the exact same content from a database and do exactly the same things. In some cases obviously your going to have to make changes to both the flash and html page when you want to change how the front end works. But you only have to make changes once to everything that controls the dynamic part. Does that make sense at all. So it's not really double duty, but their is still extra work involved in having an html and flash site that work exactly the same. But it's no more of a maintenance problem then any other site out their that's not static.

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    That helps a little. I hadn't thought of it that way. So I suppose if I want to draw content like that dynamically into both sites, I'm going to have to learn more about that kind of scripting (ASP, SQL, XML, etc.) and how to use it in Flash.



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    i kind of agree, when i want a lot of information i like to see a mainly html site that loads fast. but on the other hand i love to see a 100% flash site where emphasis is on design and not content. i dont think a happy medium has been reached yet in which design and content has been balanced in a 100% flash site. for example we have 2advanced... it looks the dogs bollocks! but to be honest the content is well.... crap. this is something as designers we need to reach, regards, M.

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