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Thread: mac / pc performance

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    I have been noticing that some of my more cpu intensive flash projects (a lot of actionscript controlled animation or 20fps in movie settings) seem to run better on pc than macs. Most notably a site that I was working on would run great on a AMD athelon 650mhz would be a bit pokey on a 450 G4 powermac. Is the case that a CPU's mhz will make a big difference with Flash Player?


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    The problem lies within the Flash Player itself. The Flash Player for mac is nowhere near as efficient as the PC player and has caused many a grumble by those in the MAC design community. Supposedly, when F6 comes out - this plugin discepancy will be no more. Here's tohoping that this rumor is true!


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    True.. but.....

    Macs are 1000 times better for designing and stuff.. in fact, flash when it first came out was made for a mac, but i see ehat your saying.

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