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Thread: Flash chatrooms?

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    I was wondering if anybody knew where to get some good flash chat rooms. A few questions about them though:

    1. Do they refresh fast?
    2. Multipul rooms?
    3. Admin Features?
    4. Username Requires?

    Just curious if you can do thi with flash rooms. So, thanks for your input if you reply with any.

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    Hey Goron,

    Well, I'm definitely no expert on the subject but I have been doing a little research. I believe the answer is yes to all parts of your question. There is one caveat: the speed of your flash chat is dependant upon what script you use to transfer information. Some say asp is faster than php, while most would agree that xml socket servers are the best way to go. Only problem with the latter is that you need to be able to access ports on your server (probably unlikely if you are hosted elsewhere).

    Do a search for flash chats on FK and also check out http://www.were-here.com. I believe there is a UK site that takes step by step through building a flash chat.

    Hope this helps.

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    See the real beauty of it is, if you set it up correctly, the Flash itself never has to refresh - and the chat itself can continue updating. I had done some stuff for MarchFirst testing out the potential of Flash-based chat and discussion rooms for the website of a popular PC magazine. Very exciting stuff.

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    Thanks for the info. My host was ok with me installing JRun Enterprise 3.1 for a JSP/XML ran chatroom serivce. But he didn't exactly like the idea of being forced to make the projects, blah blah. So he recommended PHP or Flash. Thanks a load though!

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