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Thread: can i use jscript to target different areas of timeline?

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    How do I make a scene in swish with 4 areas of loops in the timeline, with all loops using the same background, and be able to select a loop with a different href tag? Is it possible?

    I want to do this so I can seamlessly embed the swf into a tabled cell so it looks like part of the tabled background and be able to jump to different parts of the swf movie without having glitches where if I had 4 separate swf movies they would start to download a new bgnd.


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    Here ya go kookykiwi!
    They are html/js & form/js buttons to Start, Stop, Rewind & goto Frame# of your SWiSH movie or any .swf!
    VIEW: http://ziggyweb.com/test/swfcontrol/testswf.html
    ZIP: http://ziggyweb.com/test/swfcontrol/swfcontrol.zip
    These should come in handy every now & then!

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    Thanks gjkillam,

    Thats exactly the script I needed! The only other thing I had to do was put a 'play' or 'go to next frame' action in the frame number I js targeted. (It stayed paused on that frame)
    You've saved me a heap of time searching for a solution I knew must have been out there.

    Something more important than an information database is a knowledge database! Until AI comes into search queries, nothin beats the human factor!

    Thanks again and thanks for not flaming a FAQ response like other forums!


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    js targets timeline, how about scenes?

    Hi again,

    Okay I have come across another problem. That is playing the correct movie from href tag.

    I am using swish 1.5 beta 7.
    Prior to my knowledge of js handles I had made 4 x 900frame movies.

    I have a number of choices.

    1/ Recreate 1 movie at 3600 frames and go through the painful process of actioning 'go to frame X' jump frames to edit segues in different areas of 1 long framed movie
    ====problem, very time consuming as can't import swi or swf and makes beta7 crash when resizing the timeline window or scrolling too fast when editing (use wacom tablet which makes work in sprite cells very quick)

    2/ Create 5 scenes where 1 scene directs the loading of the other 4.
    ===problem, can jscript callup different scenes as same logical error as below.

    3/ Create a stub movie which onloads the separate movies at different frame marks.
    ===problem, jscript id tag sees new movie as embedded in stub and therefore calls up logical frame number in loaded movie. (even if named different to jscript variable)

    I think I know what you may say....wait for swish2 or endure solution 1. I'm hoping there maybe a way to call up different scenes with jscript....is there?

    hopefully there is...


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    TestSWF works fine in IE 5 but not at all in Netscape 4.7x

    Hi Friends!

    Just noticed it:

    TestSWF works just fine in IE 5
    but...not at all in Netscape 4.7x w/ Flash Player 5... :-(

    Clicking on the [Play],[Stop]... buttons or _links_
    in NN browser, has absolutely no effect on the SWF movie.
    The SWF movie just plays and plays...

    Yes, I know. IE 5 is more up-to-date than Netscape.
    But some users still have the Netscape clunker.

    Maybe the Javascript in the HTML page should have
    a specialized behavior -
    if it "detects" a Netscape browser?


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    Great script, will come in handy


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