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Thread: Benchmark tests for Standalones

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    Hello All,

    I'm developing some heavy flash files (k size) to be activated by some 5 point touch sensitive fibre optic fabrics.

    My question to the forum is: My benchmark tests show that flash is using 80 to 100 percent of the CPU (on a Duron 800 with loads of RAM). I've tried the tricks of lowering the frame rate etc. - which does help but not significantly.

    Has anyone tried to test flash swf's on a P4?

    Thanks everyone.

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    watch out for loops, even MCs that have only actionscripts... if anything is looping any amount of frames things slow down.... I have been able to avoid loops by implementing what ever check I'm performing on a mouse event.

    Also look at the bandwidth profiler. Maybe you have to make a preloader - I know I was surprised when I realized I had to put preloaders onto CDs and such.


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