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Thread: Getting Screen Size or Scale

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    Anyone know how to get the screen size or the amount a standalone exe has scaled on the screen?

    I want to create a CD presentation that runs 600x800 and doesn't scale (stays a centered box on larger resolutions) however if they are at 640x480 rather then cliping the edges I want to switch the allowscale to shrink it.


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    SWF Studio (www.northcode.com) is the only third party tool I know of that will let you get at the screen size. You can see this working in the SizePos demo at http://www.northcode.com/free/ff2001

    I couldn't think of a good reason to implement the "allowscale" fscommand in SWF Studio but you've just given me a great reason! I'll see if I can get this into the next build.


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