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Thread: Mpeg and Projector (cross platform) HELP!!!!!

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    This has been driving me crazy! Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! I have seen similar posts but none that incorporate all of my problems.

    This is my goal: to create a cross platform presentation (preferably in Flash, as I have Flash 5) that incorporates MPEG Video. I have about 4 minutes of MPEG that needs to be embedded in the file. This represents approx. 8 MPEG clips.

    I have tried to use FMProjector to embed an MPEG file into a projector file. Unfortunately, I just found out (after reading the home page more carefully) that FMProjector requires various windows activeX controls. Ie: flash 4+ and windows media player.

    Exporting the mpeg to a .swf file wouldnt be advisable due to the huge ram usage from the projector size. I have approximately a meg of just Flash work not including the MPEG.



    (sorry for the length... this ones a real brain bender)

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    You need to make two files, 1 for Mac and 1 for Windows. There are not any Mac projector tools so the best you can do is luanch the Mpeg with QT- the best you can do is luanch it with an applescript. For Windows users, WIN 95 and above is distributed with it so having Media player isn't a big deal. In fact if they have WIN ME or higher the Window user can't uninstall media player.

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