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    Hi all,

    If you want to leave feedback on this, it would be very much appreciated. In your opinion what is the best way to handle buttons that aren't solid shapes. For example, if you have some text that you might want to convert to a button, there will be some space around the text that isn't clickable. This means that it might be difficult for a user to click on the button. I have added just a solid box with the correct color I need to sit behind the text, but sometimes you can still see a small outline of the box even if you chose the color correctly. Does anyone have different methods that they use? Thanks.


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    Are you talking about this being done in Flash?

    A common mistake I've seen people do is hit F6 in the hit state frame of a button to essentially bring the visible area of the button into this frame-making only the solid areas of the word be the clickable area.

    There's a simple solution to this: F7 in the hit state, use onion skinning so you can see just how big your text is, and make a rectangle around the size of the word.
    Then, you can do it without a background, and you don't have to be specific when clicking on the word. Think of it like a slice in ImageReady or Fireworks-something that covers the entire word.

    Good Luck,


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