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Thread: HELP PLEASE -- can we change the framerate of flash exe dynamically

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    Iam working on a project where the client wants to change the speed of the movie, i.e change the framerate of the movie dynamically. For example if we make an exe in flash with 20fps, when the exe is playing can we change the framerate to 5fps or 65fps, can we nake a slider bar for framerate and control it in an flash exe movie, iam desperately looking for an option like this, any advice will be helpful, many many thanks to everyone.

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    I dont' think so. But if I am wrong please correct me.

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    No u can't do that. Flash doesn't allow that. Just wish that Flash 6 might be able to do so. But I think u can create two variables, one contain the number of "frames" per second and the other one to zero.

    Then u can either have a function or just dump the codes into a empty movieclip to loop. So in ur main timeline, u will have a frame to initialise these two variables.


    Frame one:
    delay = 30; // This will have to depend on ur movie fps. If it is 30fps, then delay = 30 will be equal to 1 sec. It might be confusing now. Later u might be clear.
    timePassed = 0;

    Next, in ur empty movie clip enter these codes:

    onClipEvent (enterFrame){
    if (timePassed > delay){
    //do whatever u want here.
    timePassed = 0; //reset the value

    then u can have another function to modify delay so that it will move faster or slower.

    Hope its clear enough

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