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Thread: Resising a dynamic text field depending on the amount of text...

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    Hi all...

    I have a flash movie reading a xml file...

    i m getting a list of questions and their respective answers...i d like to load those answers into a Mc that contains a dynamic text field ...

    the question is:

    how can i "resize" (add lines) my dynamic text field depending on the amout of text - i tried getting maxscroll and resizing but that only makes it bigger and doesnt add any additional lines like i d like it to...

    thanx 4 ur help

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    NO WAY

    Sorry to answer you like this: You have to wait until Flash6

    (...but there are a lot of suggestions in the flashkit forum to "emulate" this...try to search...but be warned. I had this problem too and haven't found a good/nice solution)

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