Interesting one (I think) :-)

I have a flashmovie for a standalone production (cd) and on that I have a videofile of 5.2 MB (made in flash by importing imagesequence)

The movie is a new swf file that I start with the LoadMovie action. All seems to work, but I've done it once before and on some older systems the flashplayer crashed on that one cause of the size of the file with the movie in it.

Now I now that it's not possible (on windows) to give more memory to the flashplayer, so no control on that.

But I am wondering, my main moivie is only 608K and that's of course very small, but the video.swf is as I said 5.2 Mb. Could this be a problem, since the Flashplayer starts with a small file and then suddenly at a certain point have to load the video.swf which is 8 times bigger in filesize.

Does someone has any experience with this? Is it maybe an idea to put in the mainmovie, outside the screen (so invisble), a highresoltion picture to make that startmovie also bigger, so the flashplayer will reserve enough memory for the flashplayer from the beginning?

I hope you'll understand my question and can help in some way.

Thanks a lot, mike