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Thread: problems with Žload movieŽ command in stand alone projector

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    IŽve created a full screen projector from flash for both mac and pc.
    Firstly it runs an intro movie then goes to a section with 3 different
    buttons that use the Žload movieŽ command to load 3 seperate .swf files.

    The problem is that which ever button you click first, to load the first movie,
    makes the screen flash, (a white flicker), but when you press the other buttons
    or press the same button the movie plays ok. Any ideas on how to eliminate this
    first flicker?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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    I can confirm (as can many others) this behavior. It is an unfortunate bug in the Flash projectors. And when we contacted Macromedia support, they claimed it was something with our system. Oh well.

    We have used two different workarounds (neither very good). Since it only happens the first time loadMovie is called, you can have the projector movie be a single blank frame that issues the first loadMovie to load your intro. While this does not eliminate the problem, it minimizes it.

    A second workaround is to do the projector in Director and embed the first flash movie in the Director projector. It works, but opens several other cans of worms.


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