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Thread: new to projector...help!

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    although i have been working with flash for a while now,i am going to make a projector file for cd rom distribution.i have some questions
    1.do i need some other software(apart from flash5)to control the projector file?
    2.how can i make it full size?

    thanx!any help ,links tips will be appereciated!

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    You don't NEED any other software to make a projector that will run from a CD. Just publish to an EXE (see the publish settings) and you're all set.

    You don't need to worry whether the user has the Flash plugin installed or not, publishing to an EXE takes care of all that for you.

    You can make your presentation go full screen using fscommand("fullscreen", "true") and if you don't want your movie to stretch to fill the screen you can use fscommand("allowscale", "false").

    Create a file called "autorun.inf" and put it on the root of your CD along with your EXE file and you're good to go. Here's what you want in your AUTORUN.INF file:


    All of the instructions above apply to Windows. If you need MAC help I'm sure someone else will chime in

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