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Thread: -=Preloading "spikes"=- ?

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    i have seen a way to load spikes individualy... (in my case 4 100k sound clips) I can not get this to work..

    what im trying to have happen~ is to preload my fist
    100k sound clip. Right then i want my 1st clip to play... and also begin download on my second 100k clip....and so on thru' the fourth 100k clip...

    i think i should use scenes... but how do i determine a way to set what is downloaded when?

    right now i have it set up in 2 files... on for the the first two clips... one for the second...

    i know this is an easy question but its got me stumped...
    thanks Every one
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    Well Flash loads sound clips in the order you have them in your movie...
    So just put your first 100k sound clip in your first scene, leave it empty otherwise... then call it to play and goto your next scene, it won't load the next scene untill it has gone through everything in the current one, or is called to move on

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    i will try that... thank you... i did something like that but it would not continue downloadingscene 2 as Scene 1 played,

    once again.. thanks for your help

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