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Thread: Come on people, someone must know....!

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    Is it possible to make links in the text file so when flash presents the text, it also presents links to newwindows

    If so how?

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    New flash movie clip windows or browser windows - If it's just a new browser window - yeah - here's an example:

    Links=<b>7/9/01</b><br>Current Tutorial Links<br><b> 1: <u><a href="http://www.snowvids.com/Ex1/Ex1_SaveMovie.html" target="_new"> Save Movie Clip Postitions with PHP and SQL</a></u><br>

    --Sorry just a quick cut and paste.

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    It depends if you mean get a new URL or go to another part of your movie. Either way you include an HREF within your HTML string and link as you do in normal HTML, or use the <A HREF=\"asfunction:functionName,value1, value2, etc, etc\">text</A> to link to another part of your movie via a function that has gotoAndPlay, loadMovieNum etc.


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