I have a flash movie which needs to display potentially about 12 pictures (JPEG format each around 25k). Now not all the pictures need to be available on starting the movie, however I would like to load them in the background should they be requested. On starting the movie only one picture needs to be loaded. The pictures are saved as SWF files.

How is it possible to load up pictures (SWF's) in the background ready for use if need be. And when the user requests to view a picture the appropriate SWF gets loaded into a movie clip which is called 'mcHolder'.
Should they be loaded up at an arbitrary level (eg level 100) and then somehow placed into mcHolder when requested?
Alternatively once they have been loaded they will have been cached, so when the user requests a picture it could be loaded *again* this time into mcHolder (it would be much quicker the second time).

In a nutsshell my question is:
What is the method used for loading SWF's in the background which may then be used by the movie as and when necessary?

Thank you in advance