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Thread: Discrepancy between *.swf and *.htm files for Action Buttons

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    Sounds to me like you've used the incorrect settings for HTML in publish...you won't get that "loaded, but with errors" message unless you've published with some Javascript embedded incorrectly. Make sure you use the default HTML template to avoid this problem...or learn Javascript!

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    I need some help & I'm on a deadline.... i'm trying to create an interactive tuturial without using multiple scenes. I created an instance on a button telling it to go & play frame 10 in the current scene and a frame stop on both frame 1 of the current scene and frame 10. This worked for the first button...but when i got past frame 10 to create another button to go to frame 15. It seems to work beautifully in the test movie, but when i bring the movie into Aftershock it doesn't work in the HTML, or it says loaded, but with errors and my buttons don't go anywhere. Why would the *.swf file work great and the *.htm file not work at all?!! Can anyone tell me why the discrepancy? Do i need to use aftershock to create the htm file or can i just skip that step all together?

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