like (presumably) everyone else at flashkit, I'm a big Matrix fan. I've watched the movie many times and hunted down several interesting websites regarding it's special effects, etc.

while doing that, I kept looking for the fascinating font that generates the Matrix code, which looks half-organic / half-machine made. it's so cool. I never found it.

One day I found a Mac font named Pavement Kana, somewhere. It looked eerily similar to the Matrix code font. upon close inspection, although none of the Matrix code caracters were actually found in the font, it seemed that it indeed could have been used by the special effects people in making the Matrix code font.

I turned it to outlines in illustrator and started to play with it. pretty soon, by reversing some letters and stretching anchor points, I had achieve this result:


some serpentine and chicago font elements had to be
modified as well to fill in the gaps.

I worked from a screen capture of the Matrix screensaver for reference, and I got most of the characters down pretty close.

I don't have fontographer and the like, so
if someone is good at making fonts out of illustrator files, and if you are willing to give me a hand, we could produce a pretty decent Matrix font here. Email me
at: martin@macpixels.com if you wish to contribute.

And... oh? ...that was strange... i could swear that I saw my cat leave the room just a few seconds ago... here it goes again... must be deja vu or something.

Ooops?! someone is ringing my doorbell... that's bizarre, we're after midnight... I'll go find out and I'll be back in a few seconds.

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