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Thread: Whats the dill with Swift 3d sizes???

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    Okay.. besides being a pretty good 3D flash utility, it is fairly easy to use.. but the thing that bothers me soo much is that whenever i do ANYTHING the exported .swf file is humungous!! for instance.. i did a test, the canvass was like 100X 100 pixels and had one font on it.. (webdings) and after exporting it, it came out to like 50 K!??! thats totlaly useless!!
    maybe im doing something wrong.. can someone please enlighten me.. cause i see 3d stuff everywhere else.. and it coulndt be that that big..

    thanks.. james

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    I've noticed that it depends on WHAT font you use, HOW many letters and how many frames you use.

    For instance, I play my movies at 18 fps, so I drop the frames of animation down from 40 to 20. When playing, it looks quite smooth. Also, experiment with different fonts. Also use AREA SHADING, not MESH SHADING.

    Another trick I use is to only export things in animation. In other words. If I'm doing a logo of the word "Pizza" with the "P" doing a horizontal spin right, I ONLY model the "P" animated. I then make a seperate 1 frame model of "izza" and put it next to the "P" in Swish. If you do the whole word "Pizza", Swift has to not only redraw the "P" spinning, but it has to add "izza" every frame as well.

    Also, fool with the coarse to smooth slider bar on the bevel panel when using bevels. Coarser is less polygons, so smaller file sizes.

    Hope this helps.

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    it all depends how many curves are in your shape, try fonts that are less curved and are more blocky etc. a smart way to decrease the file size is to, export your animation , import it into flash, and say delete every 2nd key frame and export it out of flash at a really low quality say ''0'' , and this will make it really low. my footer was like 40K , i exported it a 0 quality and took out every 2 keyframe , and then exported it again it was then about 14Kb. nice!

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