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Thread: Help needed with code.

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    Hi Guys i need a little help with some code (lots of help really) i have followed one of the tutorials to create batch files the aim being to launch an mpeg video from within flash, this works but i would like to now get the mpeg's to play full screen, (SWFStudio is definately what i need as i have tried the trial and its great, im saving hard but with NZ Dollars its going to take a wee while).
    The code that i have is as follows.

    1) @echo off
    start Video1.mpg

    The above code works for luanching the mpg with its default player and is saved as a .bat and launched from the flash projector with the FSCommand.

    2) @echo off
    start mplayer2.exe /play /fullscreen /close \Video1.mpg

    The above code does not work it launchs the media player then displays an cant find the path to file dialog window it seems so close but alas no cigar, if any one can shed some light or has any ideas help and info most appreciated, in the mean time ill keep saving for SWFStudio. regards Dave.

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    It may be that Northcode didn't mention the changes for Windows Media Player 7

    mplayer2.exe /play /fullscreen /close will only work with Windows Media Player 5 and 6 (it will also not work with Windows 2000 period)

    It's kind of weird thing that MS did..

    If your using WMP 5 or 6 it may just be that you need to remove that \ cause media player shouldn't need it.. keep in mind when your launching from that path your telling Windows Media Player that your video file is in the same directory as Windows Media Player if it is not then you need to specify a path like c:\mymovie.mpg

    If you can't afford northcode's tools at this time you can use my freeware media player.. as long as your not opening a media file that need's DirectX acceleration mine will get you by with basic .avi's and standard .mpg's (check my profile)

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    SWF Studio doesn't use WMP to play video or audio and I'm not up on all the latest mplayer2 command line options so I can't help there.

    If you're a member of a MMUG you can get a discount on SWF Studio and some of the MMUGs have free copies to give away at meetings.

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    Thanks Guys for your time seems like ive been round in circles i spose thats what happens wehen you dont really know what your dealing with, Master thanks your tools make the playing of fullscreen video really easy, I did have some success geting mplayer2 to play my video at fullscreen from the fscommand but could not get it to close,never mind ftool works great.
    Northcode thanks allso you have a great product and when im flush it will be on my shopping list, If you know of any good beginners resource sites regards codeing programming please let me know regards Dave.

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