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Thread: G effect

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    The ironic thing is I dont think the site is bad at all. I think it pushes Flash a little bit further. I think that it is a bad marketing decision though, based strictly on how much time and effort a person is going to have to work at finding details. Back to my discussion, what's your bottom line: pushing Flash or selling product?

    Hmmm, maybe I'll register again under the name NEVERBEENHERE and answer that.

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    8minus8 - glad you've been following the thread, also glad you haven'y yet closed it. Yes, there has been some good discussion going on here. Too bad some are to immature to recognise that and respond like-wise. Hoepfully though, you're more liely to ban them from the board than close down the thread that is getting some valuable content.

    I would be interested in hearing some arguement on the side of this site being good marketing as well as cool. So far the only arguements have been:
    1. The site is cool and different - no argument form me there, I do like it in that way.
    2. It is no, however, a good marketing product - if the user can't get to the message/info without to much trouble then the campaign doesn't work.

    Any opinions different, marketing-wise? Be especially keen to hear from someone actually working in marketing or similar...


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    settling the score, kinda..

    8minus8 - you maybe a moderator with the ability to view IP's, however - have you ever thought that there could be different people sharing the same network with one outbound IP?

    TheOriginalFlashDavo - Yes the site is cool and different however I think we are all still looking inside the box.

    To me, the website seems to be on the right track with what the product is. The product is beer with gurana. Now here in Sydney there have been some promotions around the place (stickers, posters etc). The website seems to continue to lead you on the 'journey' that the beer promotes.

    I said it before in this thread, it's not about the product, it's about the journey.. that's what get from it (promo/website) anyway.

    If the product was taken out of the site, we all would have different views of the site.. it's just that there is beer in there - that we automatically assume we must have every detail about the beer thrown at us.. why be bored with the same old thing everytime?

    I have only been to the site a couple of times, but my collegues and I all agree that it is thinking outside the box.

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    i supposed the whole thing takes on a different spin when in combination with other advertisements. i haven't seen any ads for the beer (im in canada) so perhaps the site is understood best in conjunction with other parts of the campaign. i can only speak from that viewpoint, so that is perhaps why there are misunderstandings--some ppl have seen other promos for it, so everything on the site makes sense--while others haven't, and thus are only seeing a part of one campaign. a happier ending to the debate

    (on a side note, don't get angry with ppl if they don't share your opinion. it just shows a narrow mind on your part, and that's thinking way inside the box)

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    Re: settling the score, kinda..

    Originally posted by midfieldGeneral
    8minus8 - you maybe a moderator with the ability to view IP's, however - have you ever thought that there could be different people sharing the same network with one outbound IP?
    look i wasn't naming names. didn't find any reason to. "sock-puppets" are usually used when people want to promote the site in question. yes, as a moderator i can view ip's for this purpose especially. the "users" in question posted one right after the other. coincidence? let me just leave it at that. it isn't allowed at fk and i wanted to make that clear.

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    Right! What's happening here?! Is there a little bit of a 'heated' discussion here or am I mistaken?
    Remember, talk like this should be taken out of this forum. The Cool Sites forum is to show and tell others about cool sites that we've seen.

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    What everyone seems to be forgetting is the question of whether or not a web site is for "art/entertainment" or for "information".

    If I am researching and want to find something immediately, then this web site would not be practical. I want to be able to go in, extract whatever info I need, exit as quickly as possible, and move onto the next site.

    However, if this site's main purpose is to entertain and make the user think, and explore, and use that creative part of their brain...then kudos! It's excellent.

    For people to say that ALL web sites should be like this is unrealistic. I would go CRAZY if this was the interface that a medical web site used as I'm trying to research where to find well qualified doctors to treat my cancer. I didn't even know exactly what the "G Effect" was...a beer maker?

    As far as creativity and pushing the whole design/interface envelope it's beautiful and not THAT difficult to use, but it's got to be enjoyed in a relaxed manner.


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    Originally posted by 8minus8
    "sock puppets"
    what a lovely way of putting it!! That's just what they are, LOL!! I have never heard that before!

    as for all the flaming going on, it is juvenille, a subjective position is neither defendable nor attackable (only persuadeable!), so stop it!!!

    [Edited by aversion on 08-07-2001 at 01:26 PM]

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    that site's a UI designer's nightmare. yes i'm a UI designer.

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    I thought it was good at the begiining original and all, but then when I left i didnt agree with its complex nav. Interesting although for a hardcore experimental site like praystaion or something.

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    I've been thinking

    I've been thinging about this site ( alot ).

    I think we need to seperate the nav and the content

    --- The Nav
    I really love this, I think it fresh, and intresting, new.
    It took me a little while to get used to it, but after that it was alot of fun.
    I can see how some (non-web ) people could have a bit of trouble. but as it been said before i think that those people and be discounded for that " cool factor "

    ---- The Content Structure.

    there really isn't alot of content here. (most of it is cool little flash experiments. ( which i thich is cool for a product site )) SO can we assume that this site isn't about information ?
    Dose that mean that the experience is more important ?
    The experience I had was cool, I spent time playing with their toys, all the time staring at the logo.

    YES I DID GET LOST, but that was ok, I liked playing.
    As for all sites should be like this, I think that that was a bit brash. because differnt audience can cope with different things
    If this was aimed at my grandparents, then I'd say that this site is totaly wrong , ( it in flash, it's not a point & shoot)
    But I think that this beer is aimed at the youth, ( it has gurana in it ) so I think that it is suitable.

    the future of flash ? no,
    A relevent site ? Yes

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    Smile good point

    Yeah I agree to some extent. I'm actually quite lost with this whole arguement now so I'm going to lay down my final words!

    I think the site is relevent to the product. The information maybe little, but like crazytwo said, your looking at the logo all the time (it's the navigation for crying out loud!!) - so the user gets the point...

    hell I'm intersted in the beer already.. ship some out here mr G Effect!

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