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Thread: Rant.......Man, why so slow??????

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    Jun 2001
    This is just a rant, needed to vent a little.
    (Dont let it p*ss ya off...:o)

    Is it just that my 500k cable is not good enough or is it that the FlashKit servers are overwhelmed and need servicing.I would think the later.

    My question is. With the amount of revenue that FK produces, why cant they expand the bandwidth just a little and maybe add a new server or two.
    Without the patrons Flashkit would be just another site,
    and there are not many other alternatives

    Please, Please, Please...Do something about this soon.
    I keep coming back thinking "maybe the server just had a bad day yesterday" and it will be better today. Nope, seems to be getting worse.

    Yes I am surfing your site with the flash turned off and it is still almost unusable to me...Are there others like me that feel this way?

    I know Im ranting, and Im sorry. I just get so P*ssed when your trying to post your comments and help people and it takes 5 minutes just to go between 2 pages....:o(

    My average download is on the low end 20kbs. with a running average of 97kbs. Im located in Portland Oregon and am running a windows pc with @home cable 500k down 128k up.

    My average download speed for your site is .05kbs to 2kbs..
    that is less than a 14.4 modem I believe.... I know its not my connection.

    Thanks for any concern you have..:o)
    It is well deserved....
    Ray Russell (pathfndr)

    Maybe a better database structure.
    Maybe a faster php based messageboard
    maybe a new server (or two or three)
    maybe stick this sucker on a T-3 backbone...LOL

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    Its slow becaused the (6) servers are extreemly taxed. I believe the internet.com and flashkit guys spent the good part of a month tweaking the current servers to be as fast as possible, and the problem with adding new ones is that flash kit dosen't really have any revenue to speak of (at least nothing near enough to cover the costs of running the site). Hopefully the fk01 confrences will bring in enough money to upgrade the hardware again, either that or start banning all IPs ouside of texas and sydney .

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    Jun 2001

    We can hope

    Well I guess all we can do is to hope that some of the proceeds from fk01 will make its way back into new hardware...
    Wish I would have known the servers were so bad off.. Had a line on 5 older palace servers (in good shape) that could have been had for $1,000 US.
    Damn good price..I would have bought them and givin them to flashkit if I had two nickles to rub together...LOL


    I hope it gets better and I have nothin but respect for the FK group, just needed to voice my opinion.

    Hey heres an idea.
    talk to macromedia about advertising innreturn for server space...
    Yeah bet that would go over like roahes in a restaurant..

    Laters and Keep on flashin

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    Aug 2001

    this site is damn slow

    Maybe relocate the servers to NY ? better bandwidth there.

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