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Thread: FS exec from flash.exe to director.exe pop up error

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    I am using flash to make a cd production that works off of a flash.exe, calls to about 80 different .swf and from 5 individual .swf there is an fs exec command that can launch director.exe apps when the files are sitting on the desktop, but for some reason, when the files are embedded in a folder and launched from there, a pop up window keeps asking me to download the shockwave player. This is not good for a cd delivery. I need to find a solution, either by:
    1. embedding a shockwave player in the cd (if possible)
    2. using different code to call the director.exe ( I tried ftools, and it launches just like the fs exec command, but it's still asking me to download the shockwave player.
    3. publishing the director.exe differently
    4. something else I haven't tried yet.

    Thank you,

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    Your going to have to try that problem again.. cause I don't understand..

    Your saying that your calling a Director executable and your getting a install shockwave popup window?

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